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  • Hawaii – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

    Hawaii – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

    Hawaii, with its magnificent blue sea, stunning beaches, and wild mountain scenery, is not surprisingly one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations. A Hawaiian honeymoon, at one of the hundreds of resorts, hotels and condos that cater especially for newlyweds, is the perfect way to create that special post wedding bond and provide special memories for years to come.


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  • Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaii

    Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaii

    For a first-time snorkeller in tropical waters, it might seem like a psychedelic dream: a cloud of black-masked raccoon butterfly fish in brilliant yellow flitters by, followed by a swarm of black-and-white Hawaiian damselfish hovering close to their favourite coral head, while parrot fish in green, yellow and orange dart in and out. Welcome to Oahu’s most popular snorkelling spot, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, with its picture-perfect 2,000-foot crescent-shaped beach bordered by palm trees.


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  • Pearl Harbor Memorial Hawaii

    Pearl Harbor Memorial Hawaii

    On a sunny Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Japanese planes appeared over the island of Oahu and began bombing the U.S. Navy’s Pacific fleet, the bulk of which was docked in Pearl Harbor. Ninety minutes later, 2,403 Americans had been killed. Nearly half died on the 608-foot battleship USS Arizona, which sank in nine minutes without firing a shot after its forward ammunition magazines exploded catastrophically, taking 1,177 sailors and marines to their deaths.


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  • Oahu, Hawaii Watch big-shot surfers ride the big waves

    Oahu, Hawaii Watch big-shot surfers ride the big waves

    Ever since Hawaiians revived the ancient practice of surfing a century ago, and especially after Duke Kahanamoku—Olympic gold-medal swimmer and the original ‘Big Kahuna’—popularised it from Australia to California, riding the waves has been the quintessential Hawaiian sport. For surfers and spectators alike, there’s no place like the six-mile stretch of Oahu’s North Shore from Hale’iwa to Sunset Beach, where in winter, monster swells from Pacific storms rush unimpeded towards breaks in the reefs.


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  • Hawaii a tropical vacation dream come true

    Hawaii a tropical vacation dream come true

    The 50th state of the US, the island state of Hawaii is a tropical vacation dream come true for Americans and tourists from all over the world. The Hawaiian islands […]


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  • Experience The Love With Romance in Oahu

    Experience The Love With Romance in Oahu

    An exotic Hawaiian vacation   ranks among the top holiday spots for loving couples, because it is the   mystical land of Oahu where love and romance blossoms. In Oahu love thrives […]


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