Here are some great golfing tips that you can use to cure your golf slice. The following golf tips are designed to help you to control your golf slice and improve your game.

Tip Number 1:

Passive Right Hand When taking your shot you should try to keep your right hand the less active of the two (if you are right-handed). This has had a huge impsct on my game, trying to force all of the power out of the right hand generally results in casting the club on the downswing which in turn means you have and outside to inside club head past that will cause you to slice the ball. This tip is simple but yet so effective, put it to good use.


golf slice

golf slice

Tip Number 2:

Pull Left Hand Through When taking your shot you should be thinking of pulling the club through with your left hand (again if you are right-handed). This helps to ensure you have an inside to out club path which in turn means straighter shots. This should be used alongside the first tip.

Tip Number 3:

Use the Correct Grip. Make sure that your grip swaure the club face in the address position, also be sure the face of the club is aiming directly at your target, not to either side.

Tip Number 4:

Keep Your Head Down. This sounds obvious and a little patronising, but it is essential to cure a slice, keep your head steady and still during the downswing and let it come up naturally and with ease as you reach the end of the swing.

Tip Number 5:

Master The Wedge. Sometimes the best way to master tee-ing off is to actually start from the green and work your way back out to about 120 yards just practising shorter wedge shots, believe me, with practice you will notice the difference when teeing off.

Tip Number 6:

Check Your Alignment. Having your body alligned correctly is essential, you could do everything exactly how its supposed to be but if your bodys not straight it wont work, trust me. Make sure that your feet are not pointing to the left of the target, you will slice it.

Tip Number 7:

Slow Down Your BackSwing. Conserve your power for the downsing, I notice a lot of new golfers rushe their backswing, you want to conserve the power part of the wind until the downsing, to get the momentum to get the ball up in the air.

Tip Number 8:

Maintain Balance. If you find that you are loosing balance at any point during your swing then you should make a point of addressing this and developing a smooth controlled swing that is balanced all the way through, you are looking to end up in a balanced pose almost towards the target, up on your toes.

Notes: There are some many different factors and elements that cause slice, each individual has different way to overcome theirs, but I am certain that these will assist you in that process. These tips have proved to be efficient and freinds est. have noticed massive improvments. so far.

I hope these tips help you to knock down your handy-cap a little bit more, let me know!



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