Although most people would consider golf as a more laid back approach to sports, there is actually a lot of physical and muscular power involved. To be specific, it works out the muscles located deep in your midsection. Drawing from the strength of your internal abdominal muscles, it enables you to achieve the perfect swing with stability.

So, if you want to improve the strength of your golf muscles, it is important to perform specific exercises that will produce you a better golf swing.




The isometric type of exercise is known to be most effective in unlocking the strongest muscle that you are going to use for better golfing experience. Therefore, you must start with working out your abs and how you can develop it to be able to draw enough power for your swing.

Your transverse abdominis is what you are aiming to develop for a power golf swing. Unless you are able to utilize your abdominal muscles, your superficial muscles are forced to do the work instead and provide efficient support for your spinal column.

This often results in various muscular imbalances, which not only limits your golfing potential, but can also lead to serious injuries. You also lack consistency in your swing, which is something that you can do once you’ve learned to rely on your core abdominal muscles.

To gain proper stability, you need to coordinate your internal and external oblique muscles in the abdomen. You can increase strength in the said muscles by performing ab crunches by twisting your torso to bring your rib cage closer to the hip. Another crucial aspect to executing a strong and stable swing is trunk stability. When you swing the golf club, it creates a multi-plane and unilateral movement that rotates your upper body while moving forward at an angle.

Upon drawing your belly inward to your spine, exhale in an effort to produce a hissing sound. Keep your spine in position with the club drawn towards your back.

In addition to the core golf muscles located in your abdominal area, you must also perform exercises that increase strength and power in your lead shoulder muscles. Without power in your shoulders, you won’t be able to handle the tension from the swing and thus will not produce the kind of powerful swing that is desired.

Tight or weak lead shoulder muscles are the ones that you mostly need to improve to gain a more perfect golf swing. It prevents you from making a full turn, so you can use exercise tubing, weighted golf club, or lightweight dumbbells during exercise. All of these will help to add flexibility and strength in the crucial muscles used in golf swinging.


Need more in-depth look into an excellent exercise scheme to improve on your golf muscles? Watch the video below



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