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  • Sharm El Sheikh a Winter Sun Destination

    Sharm El Sheikh a Winter Sun Destination

    When it comes to selecting a destination for a winter break there may be many things to consider but really only two things matter: sunshine and warm temperatures. Of course a nice beach, decent scenery, fantastic restaurants, perhaps a bit of history and culture will add value but with warm weather most destinations can write of their chances.


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  • Egypt Holidays – The Architectural Wonder

    Egypt Holidays – The Architectural Wonder

    Known for its architectural and cultural treasure, Egypt is a land of mystifying pyramids and amazing sand dunes and deserts. Situated in the North Africa, Egypt touches the Mediterranean Sea and is sited between the Gaza strip and Libya. Egypt is one of the most favorable destinations among tourist across the world and reason why Egypt sees so many people packing their bag to its direction is that this land of mummies has lots more to offer to its tourists.


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  • Seven Wonders of  Egypt

    Seven Wonders of Egypt

    The Seven Wonders of the World, as recorded by the Greek historian Herodotus, were the “see before you die” sights of the Ancient World; the Colossus of Rhodes, the Hanging […]


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