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  • The Top Five Hotels in Paris

    The Top Five Hotels in Paris

    Paris…Never a city noted for doing anything by half measures, you would hardly expect Paris to compromise on the luxury-or the price- of its best hotels. The city boasts a whole raft of eye wateringly expensive watering holes, where wallowing in luxury is raised to the level of an art form. Be advised: the city of the Champs Elysees and Coco Chanel is certainly no cheap date.


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  • Top Ten Places To Visit In France

    Top Ten Places To Visit In France

    When you’re in the magnificent country of France, the question is not what you should do, the question is what is there that’s not to do? It seems that the liberated air of Parisians is contagious, and all you want to do when you’re in Paris is to be as free and artistic and relaxed as any regular Parisian you meet on the street. Coffee in one hand and crepe in the other, what else is better than eating it al fresco in the cool Parisian morning breeze?


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  • Things to Do and Places to Visit in Paris

    Things to Do and Places to Visit in Paris

    Planning the details of your vacation trip in Paris is very important by researching about the tourist attractions of the place. You should also take into consideration the activities that you want to do, of course, those that interests you and your loved ones. A listing of your itinerary can help so that you can enjoy visiting each of the tourist spots and attractions.


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  • Top ten Paris sights

    Top ten Paris sights

    Paris, the city of romance elicits exotic and beautiful dreams of relaxation and culture in those who love to travel. And for those who do travel, Paris has many beautiful sights to offer to beguile the traveler into staying…and staying just a while longer than planned.


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  • Top Tourist Destinations In The World

    Top Tourist Destinations In The World

    Do you dream of traveling around the world someday? Most of us do. It’s one of the best ways to live your life fully, as it would allow you to see the most beautiful sights, immerse yourself in the most interesting cultures, and meet people who will touch your life in a way you’ve never expected. If you’re going to travel around the world anytime soon, be sure to consider these top destinations that are included in most people’s bucket list.


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