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  • Zannos Melathron Luxury Hotel in Santorini Greece

    Zannos Melathron Luxury Hotel in Santorini Greece

    The history of Zannos Melathron starts at the end of the 18th century. Michael Zannos was the first owner of the mansion and a rich man who started building the mansion in 1870. The mansion was given as a dowry to his daughter Eroulia, when she got married to captain Nikolas Sorotos. The couple had a baby girl, called Mania and the mansion passed to her after the death of her parents.


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  • Visit Warsaw Poland

    Visit Warsaw Poland

    Like most other inland European cities, Warsaw is built around a large body of water, straddling the sparkling Vistula River. The small fishing town was first fortified as a Masovian stronghold in the early 14th century. Compared with the histories of its pre-Roman Polish neighbors, the city of Warsaw is practically a fledgling on the grand timeline of human settlement in the region.


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  • Places to visit in Sydney Australia

    Places to visit in Sydney Australia

    Sydney is Australia’s Harbour City and the capital of New South Wales. It is a truly delightful city and something that any visitor will be more than happy to openly explore on their own. The true wonder of Sydney is in the discovery of all that it has to offer to both locals and tourists alike.


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  • Visiting Tucson Arizona

    Visiting Tucson Arizona

    The Old Pueblo, as Tucson is affectionately known, is built upon a deep Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Old West foundation.


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  • Things to do In Palm Springs California

    Things to do In Palm Springs California

    There’s much more to Palm Springs vacation rentals than just sitting in a comfortable and spacious rental lodging. Palm Springs has been a hot spot (literally, since the temperature reaches 120 degrees on hot summer days) for celebrities and tourists for decades.


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  • Pearl Harbor Memorial Hawaii

    Pearl Harbor Memorial Hawaii

    On a sunny Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Japanese planes appeared over the island of Oahu and began bombing the U.S. Navy’s Pacific fleet, the bulk of which was docked in Pearl Harbor. Ninety minutes later, 2,403 Americans had been killed. Nearly half died on the 608-foot battleship USS Arizona, which sank in nine minutes without firing a shot after its forward ammunition magazines exploded catastrophically, taking 1,177 sailors and marines to their deaths.


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