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  • Stay At the London Premier Notting Hill

    Stay At the London Premier Notting Hill

    London Premier Notting Hill is located in the quiet and affluent residential area of Princes Square, in close proximity to both Bayswater and Notting Hill underground station. Due to its strategic location, it is a very popular choice of accommodation in Notting Hill for both leisure and business travellers.


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  • Hip and Fun London

    Hip and Fun London

    London is admittedly one of the best cities in the entire world. Whether you’re interested in theater, music, art, fashion, architecture or commerce there is tons for you to do and enjoy in London. It is a city where in a short cab ride you can go from one world to another. What are the best areas in London you ask? Well that all depends on your interests.


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  • Iceland: What’s On Offer For Your Next Vacation?

    Iceland: What’s On Offer For Your Next Vacation?

    Iceland has recently been in the news for its banking crisis and for the activity of its Eyjafjallajokull volcano. And it is probably fair to say that, when thinking about Iceland, what comes to mind hot springs, geysers, the somewhat eccentric pop singer Bjork, and perhaps also Reykjavik’s non-stop nightlife.


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  • London top landmarks

    London top landmarks

    The following article will attempt to look into a few of the many landmarks in and around the city of London. Some of these are well known, and some not so well known. While residents will be familiar with these, not all visitors will be as familiar or have an idea of the history housed within these great structures.


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  • 41 Hotel London

    41 Hotel London

    The 41 Hotel London is a stunning hidden treasure located opposite the Royal News boasts comfort and sophistication with a hotel that provides all the amenities a person could ask for and more. The decor supplies an environment that is perfect for business and ideal for leisure. Whether its business or leisure the private club style gives you the feel of security and intimacy.


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  • The Royal Parks of London

    The Royal Parks of London

    An urban area the size of London with approximately 7.5 million residents and nearly that many again in the surrounding areas isn’t normally considered a place you will find a lot of open spaces. As the most populated city in the European Union, you might think they would use all of their available space to house people. London’s Royal Parks, however, are 5,000 acres of historic parkland providing unparalleled opportunities for enjoyment. While London has many parks and open spaces, The Royal Parks are in prime locations, and are the largest on average.


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