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  • Attractions And Sights Munich Germany

    Attractions And Sights Munich Germany

    Munich is a great place to visit, there is so much to see and do regardless of whether you are travelling alone, with family or part of a group. We only wish to offer a few suggestions of what to do in Munich but share some of our knowledge about what is there


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  • Visiting Beautiful Austria

    Visiting Beautiful Austria

    Think of Austria and possibly the movie “The Sound of Music” is likely to be uppermost in your thoughts. Certainly, the country’s beautiful lakes and mountains are among its most beguiling attractions, but they are just part of its appeal.


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  • Places one must visit in Norway

    Places one must visit in Norway

    Norway brings striking sceneries to its visitors for a stunning holiday. This country has diverse cities, amazing centers and sites rich in architectural and historical value. With a combination of beautiful museums and huge glaciers, Norway is an ideal holiday destination for both adventure and history lovers.


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  • Visiting Budapest Hungary

    Visiting Budapest Hungary

    What makes this Hungarian capital an endlessly diverse adventure is the fact that in 1873, two towns (yes, Buda and Pest) on opposite sides of the Danube River united to become known as the Queen of the Danube and one of the largest cities in the European Union today. Brace yourself for the most unique experience in Eastern (or all) Europe as Hungary is an outpost of cultural and linguistic distinction that stands abruptly apart from its Slavic and Germanic neighbors.


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  • Istanbul Turkey

    Istanbul Turkey

    A Turkish Vacation Will Never Be Complete Without Visiting Istanbul As any Istanbul vacation guide will tell a traveler who wants a taste of Europe and Asia all at once, the Turkish city is the best way to go. Istanbul is 95 kilometers from end to end, a city that looks overwhelmed by a 14-million population. Looking up the city on the map from the right north orientation, on the left is Europe and on the right is Asia.


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  • Yellow Lagos Meia Praia Hotel, Lagos, Portugal

    Yellow Lagos Meia Praia Hotel, Lagos, Portugal

    The Yellow Lagos Meia Praia Hotel was built in 2010 and offering a total of 220 rooms, this beach hotel is the perfect place to enjoy a harmonious blend of comfort and leisure. The long, 4-km stretch of sandy beach invites guests to take a long dip at sunset, search for shells as the tide goes out or enjoy exciting water sports. Alternatively, there is plenty of tradition to discover in Lagos, a city with a rich cultural heritage.


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